5 ways Pay per Lead Can Grow Your Home Improvement and Construction Company

5 ways Pay per Lead Can Grow Your Home Improvement and Construction Company

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The first thing people need to understand is that where do these leads come from. Usually, most of the lead generation companies use any call center lists to provide leads. The owners of Home improvement and Construction companies try to take an action or different multiple actions to get their business information to prospective clients and contractors.

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Industries + Price Per Lead

  • Cabinets $110
  • Countertops $110
  • Decks $110
  • Doors $80
  • Drywall $90
  • Electrician $70
  • Fencing $85
  • Flooring $80
  • Garage Doors $70
  • Handyman $60

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This is mainly possible with the help of paid searches or various search engine optimization techniques by hiring PPC or SEO firms. However, pay per lead or click advertising is also utilized and is considered a better option in comparison to others because they are dynamic and seasoned marketing approach. There are numerous ways in which pay per lead services can benefit the home improvement and construction companies and five of such ways have been discussed below.
  1. Information of the homeowner is verified
When prospect clients add information and sign up on websites a lead is generated. On signing up they are asked to put in all the essential information such as name, email address, number etc. This info is verified and then instantly confirmed and sent to a contractor within a split of a second.

  1. Specific Leads
Different contractor desires their own specialized filters for leads such as territory, delivery options, trades, fax, etc. They can also choose to decide the required number of leads they want per day or per week etc. The leads are matched against the filters and then sent to relevant contractors. Hence, each contractor gets his own specific targeted leads.

  1. Leads leading to Appointments
Expectations are critical for online lead generation to bring a real potential. Many home investors and construction companies utilizing leads per pay strategies have around twenty-five percent of leads conversion into actual real time appointments or sales.

We are a pay per lead company for contractors that service the following industries

Industries + Price Per Lead
  • Gutters $70
  • Home Theater $80
  • Masonry $90
  • Painting $150
  • Paving $ 200
  • Plumbing $85
  • Power Washing $70
  • Siding $170
  • Tile and Grout $90

  1. Tracking Lead
You can also track your leads and pay per lead gives the home improvements and construction companies the ability to call the prospect clients within the time frame of first five minutes when they receive the information of the homeowners. Calling the lead as soon as it appears will improve the success rate of your business. And, to make these leads generate a long-term impact it is important that the contractors call as well as track the lead as many times as possible.

  1. Tracking Progress
Many of the pay per lead companies for contractors provide services such as online “Lead Management Tool” which will allow the home improvement and construction companies to accomplish and manage all of the prospects leads. This is carried out with the means of an online cloud-based program which is used to access leads from any computer on the internet. The businesses will also be able to record notes such as update lead status, color coordination and an alphabetical arrangement of leads that will help you keep track of sales with just a glimpse.